Turn employees into hosts

People don’t leave bad companies; they leave bad working conditions. LIKE MAGIC injects the job with unparalleled fun and excitement, transforming your employees into the most outstanding hosts you could possibly imagine.
Experience LIKE MAGIC's intuitive one-stop solution, empowering your employees to effortlessly fulfill 80% of their daily tasks in a relaxed and efficient manner. This not only boosts their productivity but also grants them ample time to cater to the unique needs of your guests.
The tool is user-friendly and intuitive to the max, requiring only a single 4-hour training session to become fully familiar with it! All relevant information is just a click away. Employee communication among each other or with guests is a breeze, and the proactive support in troubleshooting is a gamechanger.
All processes are monitored 24/7. An issue occurs along the digital guest journey? The platform detects this in real-time and instantly provides a solution! This way, employees can provide remote and proactive support for a truly seamless guest experience.
of daily tasks covered
increased efficiency
proactive guest support
hours onboarding

Communication made easy

  • one single inbox for all your omnichannel guest messages e.g. WhatsApp, InstaMessage, WeChat, Email, SMS and many more, makes your employees lives easyier
  • Chat with your team across departments
  • Overview all the message history of a guest in one single thread including their reservation data collected in the profile

Task management made easy

Fully integrated the task management creates and assignes automatically tasks that need to be resolved. Of course everyone independent of the department can manage and structure it’s own daily task to be more proactive. This powerful task management enables your teams to efficient collaboration for example housekeeping can create a maintenance task while cleaning a room, by just adding a foto of the broken item and directly assign it to the facility manager, done.

User friendly on all devices


  • Rooms in need of cleaning are automatically prioritized
  • Integrated task management with automated task assignment (e.g., defective furnishings)
  • Remote door opening
  • Door lock battery status display

Effiziency increase

  • VCC settlement: automatic processing of virtual OTA credit cards
  • “Undesirables”: Automated recognition and alert through guest profiles
  • Self check-in / check-out – no more front desk check-in sessions
  • Automated accounting and billing

Unlock the full potential of your hospitality business with the ultimate operations & guests experience platform! 

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