Customize your brand experience

This is your show and your show only! We want to enable you to create a stunning (brand) experience for your guests. That means we not only provide you with all the necessary technology, but we also make sure that your brand is front and center at all times. 
Not only can you customize our web app to match your branding, but also enhance it with individual components and content, such as local services or guest cards. Make it yours! Naturally, various locations can also be individually branded to accommodate the specific needs of each site within the portfolio. Single solution, multi branding.

What our customers say

Domenic Zembrod, CEO
Fred Tschanz Gastgewerbe
Just as digital photography once replaced its predecessors, likeMagic is becoming a game changer in the hotel industry. The two success factors: On the one hand, the user experience is aimed equally at guests and operators, which represents a completely new approach. On the other hand, the SV Group provides the necessary reputation and power, especially since likeMagic is used on SV's own hotel product "Stay Kooook". The interest in continuous further development is therefore intrinsically manifested - the best possible starting point for us as a partner of the first hour.
Jonathan Humphries
Chairman & Founder
There is clearly a need for what MAGIC has to offer owners and operators in the hospitality real estate space. The industry is searching for solutions which can optimize operations and give a seamless and engaging customer experience, in order to drive profitability and drive loyalty and direct bookings. MAGIC has the power to achieve these objectives and is a very viable proven solution.

I have recommended MAGIC to my trusted industry relationships and have only done so, because I believe in the potential MAGIC has to offer.
Philip von Ditfurth
Founder apaleo
likeMagic has positively surprised us with its approach in several respects. likeMagic really thinks hospitality in a new way. We were particularly convinced by the approach of proactively managing the guest journey instead of reacting to events as they occur. likeMagic is also breaking new ground technically, building on open platforms such as apaleo and creating a new experience not only for the guest but also for hotel staff. While many are still talking about the transformation to the cloud, likeMagic is already successful in linking best-of-breed elements to new innovative tech stacks.

Unlock the full potential of your hospitality business with the ultimate operations & guests experience platform! 

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